Welcome to Changes Rehab in Johannesburg: Your Path to Lasting Change

Why is Rehab Necessary?

Rehabilitation, or rehab, is an essential step for those struggling with addiction. It provides a structured environment that nurtures the recovery process, bringing individuals closer to a life free from substances that once controlled them.

Substance use disorders affect not only the individual but also their family, relationships, and career. It disrupts mental health, physical well-being, and overall life stability. Changes Rehab addresses these issues, offering a path to recovery that is safe, supportive, and effective.

The Benefits of Rehab

Rehab provides a myriad of benefits, encompassing various aspects of life and well-being. Here’s a glimpse into the power that rehab delivers:

  1. Breaks the Cycle of Addiction: Rehab gives you a safe space to detoxify, preventing the direct effects of withdrawal and minimizing cravings.
  2. Learning about Addiction: Understanding your addiction is key to overcoming it. Rehab helps you explore what triggers your addiction and how to manage these triggers effectively.
  3. Building New Habits and Practices: Rehab provides you with the tools to build healthy habits, improve your self-care, and develop new coping mechanisms.
  4. Peer Support: During your time in rehab, you’ll meet others who are going through similar struggles. This shared experience can create a strong sense of community and understanding.
  5. Ongoing Support: Post-rehab support helps prevent relapse and keeps you focused on your path towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

Why Choose Changes Rehab in Johannesburg?

We understand that addiction is a complex, multifaceted issue. That’s why we offer a comprehensive approach to recovery, tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Our Highlights:

  • Qualified and compassionate multidisciplinary team
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • 24/7 professional support
  • Private, comfortable facilities
  • Holistic therapies, including yoga, meditation, and art therapy
  • Family programs to support your loved ones throughout your recovery process
  • Aftercare planning and relapse prevention

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: How long does the treatment last? A: The length of treatment varies depending on the individual’s needs and progress. Generally, programs can range from 30 days to 90 days or more.
  • Q: Is my stay confidential? A: Yes, Changes respects and protects your privacy. Your treatment and all related information are kept strictly confidential.
  • Q: Does insurance cover my treatment? A: Insurance coverage varies. We will work with you and your insurance provider to understand your benefits and explore options to make your treatment as affordable as possible.
  • Q: Can family be involved in the process? A: Yes, we believe in the importance of family involvement. With the patient’s permission, we provide family counseling and educational programs.
  • Q: What happens after I leave the rehab? A: Upon leaving the rehab, our team will help you develop an aftercare plan. This might include outpatient counseling, support groups, and other resources to help maintain recovery.

Empower Your Future with Changes Rehab

Rehab is not merely about quitting substances – it’s about reshaping your life. We empower you to create a healthier and brighter future. Get the help you need, and experience the power of change.

Our Approach to Rehabilitation

At Changes, we prioritize a holistic and integrated approach towards recovery. We believe in healing the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. Our approach encompasses:

  1. Medical Treatment: We provide medical support during the initial detoxification phase and throughout treatment to ensure your physical health is optimally maintained.
  2. Psychotherapy: Individual and group therapy sessions help you explore the root causes of your addiction and develop new, healthier coping mechanisms.
  3. Family Therapy: Addiction doesn’t just affect the individual. We involve family members in therapy sessions to rebuild broken relationships and foster a supportive home environment.
  4. Aftercare Support: Our commitment to your well-being continues even after you leave our facility. We provide robust aftercare support to help you navigate your new sober life.

Our Facility

Our center boasts a serene and welcoming facility designed to foster tranquility and focus. Our facilities offer:

  • Comfortable residential accommodations
  • Outdoor recreational areas
  • Fitness and wellness centers
  • Art and music therapy spaces
  • Modern medical facilities

Getting Started

Understanding that taking the first step towards recovery can be challenging, we’ve made our admission process as simple as possible. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Reach Out to Us: Contact our admissions team via phone or email. We’re here to answer your questions and provide the information you need.
  2. Initial Assessment: Our expert team will conduct a thorough assessment to understand your specific needs and to develop a personalized treatment plan.
  3. Begin Your Journey: Once admitted, you will start your journey to recovery in our supportive, nurturing environment.

Payment and Insurance

We are committed to ensuring that our quality treatment programs are accessible. Our finance team will work closely with you and your insurance provider to determine coverage and out-of-pocket costs. We accept most major insurance providers.


  • Q: What type of therapies do you offer? A: In addition to traditional therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), we offer holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation, and art therapy.
  • Q: Do you have outpatient services? A: Yes, we provide outpatient services for those who require continued support after their residential stay.
  • Q: Can I visit my loved one during their treatment? A: Yes, family visits are part of our program. However, we do have specific visitation hours and policies in place to ensure the well-being of our clients.

Contact Us Today

Rehab is a powerful tool, giving you the strength and resources needed to break free from addiction’s grip. At Changes Rehab in Johannesburg, we guide you through this transformative journey, every step of the way.

Experience the power of change. Contact us today.


  1. Jane S. – “When I first arrived, I was at rock bottom. I felt lost, but the team welcomed me with open arms. The personalized care, the therapy sessions, the supportive peers, it all played a crucial part in my recovery. I’m thankful for the life skills I’ve learned and the confidence I’ve gained in my sobriety. They gave me my life back.”
  2. Michael B. – “I found a community that understood my struggles at the center. The staff treated me with dignity and respect. They encouraged me, pushed me, and celebrated my milestones with me. The holistic approach to therapy was just what I needed. I’ve left Changes not only sober but also healthier mentally and physically.”
  3. Rebecca T. – “This Rehab in Joburg changed my life. Their holistic approach helped me understand my addiction, manage triggers, and build new habits. The family therapy sessions were a revelation and have been instrumental in healing our family. Changes provided me with the tools for lasting change.”
  4. Samuel D. – “The road to recovery was far from easy, but the dedicated team at Changes stood by me throughout my journey. They offered an excellent aftercare program which made the transition to normal life smoother. I can’t thank them enough for their support, patience, and unwavering belief in my recovery.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the average day like at? A: Our program is structured to balance therapy, recreation, personal time, and rest. You’ll participate in individual and group therapy sessions, engage in holistic therapies, and have time for personal reflection and recreational activities.
  • Q: Will I be able to have contact with the outside world during my stay? A: Yes, clients are allowed scheduled times for phone calls and visits to maintain supportive relationships with family and friends.
  • Q: Do you offer dual diagnosis treatment? A: Yes, we recognize that substance abuse often co-occurs with mental health conditions. Our team is trained to diagnose and treat these co-occurring disorders.
  • Q: What qualifications do your staff members have? A: Our team includes certified addiction specialists, licensed therapists, registered nurses, and other health professionals. Each team member has the necessary qualifications and training in their respective fields.
  • Q: Will you help with arranging travel to Changes? A: Absolutely! Our admissions team is ready to assist with travel arrangements to ensure your journey to our center is as seamless as possible.
  • Q: How can I stay involved in my loved one’s treatment? A: Family participation is always encouraged. We provide family counseling and education sessions. Specific visitation times are also scheduled for family members.

Take the first step today. Reach out to us at Changes Rehab in Joburg, and start your journey towards a life of freedom, balance, and fulfillment.