Our alliance with Profmed Medical Aid enables us to extend exceptional addiction treatment services to its members. This partnership is designed to empower Profmed members in South Africa with the support they need for a successful recovery, backed by both financial assistance and comprehensive care. The cost of rehabilitation is a significant consideration in the journey towards recovery. Profmed Medical Aid addresses this concern by offering extensive coverage for a range of rehab services. Our collaboration with Profmed ensures a smooth transition into treatment, focusing on your overall well-being and the path to successful recovery.

Coverage Offered by Profmed Medical Aid

  • A wide array of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.
  • Detailed alcohol detoxification processes.
  • Varied inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment services.
  • Ongoing support and aftercare programs.

Services We Provide

  • Personalized Treatment Selection
    Profmed members have access to our carefully selected rehab facilities, each chosen for their high standards of quality and effectiveness, enabling a confident choice in treatment.
  • Continual Support Post-Rehab
    We recognize that recovery is a continuous journey. Our post-rehab support services aim to sustain sobriety and encourage ongoing development.
  • Informative Resources
    Our extensive collection of educational materials supports you throughout every stage of your recovery journey.

At Rehab Johannesburg, in partnership with Profmed Medical Aid, we are committed to delivering treatments that align with the most current advancements in addiction recovery. Our team of mental health professionals is devoted to ongoing education, ensuring the provision of evidence-based treatments.

Our Unique Approach Includes

  • The integration of traditional healing practices with modern therapeutic methods, honoring the diverse cultural landscape of South Africa.
  • Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary treatment plans that address the entirety of addiction: physical, psychological, and emotional aspects.

Our dedication to ongoing research ensures that our treatment methods are consistently updated with the latest insights in addiction recovery. We maintain active collaborations with leading global experts, continuously enhancing our understanding and approaches to treatment. Opting for Rehab Johannesburg, in collaboration with Profmed Medical Aid, means choosing a partner who is deeply committed to your health and sobriety. This partnership is a testament to our dedication to providing quality, innovative care that is centered around our clients’ needs.