our collaboration with Polmed Medical Aid brings top-tier addiction treatment services within reach for its members. This partnership is specifically tailored to ensure that Polmed members in South Africa have access to effective recovery pathways, supported by both financial assistance and exceptional care. Navigating the costs of rehabilitation can be a daunting aspect of recovery. Polmed Medical Aid steps in to alleviate this burden by offering comprehensive coverage for a range of rehab services. This collaboration facilitates a streamlined process into treatment, prioritizing your wellness and successful recovery.

Polmed Medical Aid Coverage Includes

  • Comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.
  • Alcohol detoxification processes.
  • A variety of inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment services.
  • Sustained support and aftercare programs.

Our Array of Services

  • Customized Treatment Selection
    With Polmed, members have access to a selection of rehab facilities, each rigorously vetted for their excellence and efficacy, ensuring a confident and informed choice.
  • Continued Support Post-Rehab
    Understanding that recovery is an ongoing process, we provide robust post-rehab support aimed at maintaining long-term sobriety and personal growth.
  • Educational Resources
    We equip you with a broad spectrum of informative materials to aid in every stage of your recovery journey.

Rehab Johannesburg and Polmed Medical Aid are dedicated to offering treatments that are in sync with the latest developments in addiction recovery. Our mental health professionals are committed to their continued education, enabling them to deliver treatments based on the most recent evidence-based practices.

Our Distinct Approach

  • We blend traditional healing practices with contemporary therapeutic techniques, reflecting the diverse cultural heritage of South Africa.
  • Our treatment plans are multidisciplinary, addressing the full scope of addiction: physical, psychological, and emotional dimensions.

Our dedication to research ensures that our treatment methodologies stay abreast of the newest advancements in addiction recovery. We actively collaborate with renowned experts worldwide, constantly improving our understanding and treatment strategies. Choosing Rehab Johannesburg in partnership with Polmed Medical Aid signifies a commitment to your health and sobriety. This partnership is a declaration of our dedication to quality, innovative solutions, and a focus on client-centric care.